Our Training Courses
Our courses take a practical, mission-focused approach to learning, incorporating case studies, guided discussion, hands-on exercises, and other proven adult-learner centered facilitation to make the learning experience enjoyable, relevant and immediately usable. Course content is aligned with OFPP and DAU competencies in business judgment, decision-making, problem solving, written and oral communication, leadership, negotiation, innovation, and team building.

In the current environment of reduced agency budgets, increased oversight, and loss of institutional knowledge within many contracting offices and organizations, it is more critical than ever to identify and provide your acquisition workforce with relevant and results-oriented training solutions. To achieve this, consider supplementing your acquisition employees’ required training with specialized offerings from SG Procurement Solutions.

We offer all-inclusive pricing when you bring our trainer to your location – saving you thousands in travel and per diem costs! You simply provide the venue, and SG Procurement Solutions provides the trainer, courseware, and participant materials for a complete and powerful learning experience.
We can assess your acquisition/contracting organization by using the OFPP framework and proven Procurement Management Review techniques to promote “top-down” assessments of strengths and weaknesses, and make actionable recommendations for increased productivity and compliance. We can help ensure your organization is positioned to comply with procurement laws and regulations and assist in preparing for any external audits. These reviews are proven to help improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of small, medium, and large agency acquisition offices by focusing on:  
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and validating the acquisition process for regulatory and statutory compliance; 
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls, procedures, and/or policies; 
  • Assessing operational effectiveness of training, identifying need for improvement; and
  • Managing risks to achieve better outcomes. 
Our Professional QA/Audit/Assessment Services
Services Acquisition Workshops
A Services Acquisition Workshop (SAW) provides multifunctional teams (MFTs) tasked with acquiring contracted services the knowledge, training, tools and critical thinking required for success. The workshop supports the DoD’s Better Buying Power initiative to improve tradecraft in Services Acquisitions.

Presented as a facilitated workshop built around a specific acquisition and its multi-functional integrated process team, the SAW team of service acquisition SMEs mentors and guides the government integrated process team in developing their acquisition planning, market research, performance requirements, request for proposal, source selection process, and contractor performance assessment planning and execution documents. 

The result? Better requirements documents, better solicitations, better proposals, better source selection decisions and ultimately: better contract outcomes. Contact us today to see how a Services Acquisition Workshop can help your next acquisition!