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​Is your agency prepared to deal with an emergency, natural disaster, or other event? Are your program and contracting personnel trained and ready to execute acquisitions under emergency conditions using FAR Part 18 and other regulatory guidance? This course is intended to assist the federal contracting community with planning and carrying out procuring activities during contingency operations, defense or recovery from certain attacks, major disaster declarations, or other emergencies. Each emergency is different. Viable readiness plans and personnel trained in emergency contracting procedures will help to optimize the government’s responsiveness during an emergency situation. This training highlights pre-emergency planning, considerations when awarding or administering contracts supporting emergencies, and acquisition flexibility to improve the agility of the acquisition and program support workforce during these critical situations. This course can be customized to your agency's specific requirements and is offered as a 1 or 2-day course. Contact us today for a quote!
Emergency Contracting for Acquisitions Personnel
Federal Appropriations Law
This course is designed for anyone dealing with appropriations in the Federal Government, such as budget analysts, purchase card holders, approving officials, certifying officers, contracting officers, approving managers, auditors, accountants, office managers, office assistants, and anyone else who wants to obtain a better understanding of the laws governing the proper execution of appropriated funds.  Can be delivered as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 day course. Contact us today for a quote!
Contractors in the Federal Workplace: Challenges and Best Practices
Contractors are an integral part of the federal workforce. Many government requirements could not be performed without contractor support. This 1-day class is designed to assist employees working with contractors within the federal workplace. In many cases, contractor personnel must interact on a daily basis and exchange knowledge with government employees to perform their tasks effectively. Students will learn key differences between the treatment of government and contractor personnel, how to deal with ethical challenges, and how to implement best practices. We may operate as a team with our contractors, but we are in different lanes. Most ethics laws & regulations are inapplicable to contractors. This class is designed for non-acquisitions personnel who may be working in or managing a blended workforce. Contact us today for a quote!
Acquisition Ethics
This 1-day class focuses on the ethics challenges specific to the acquisition environment, including interaction with contractors prior to award of a contract, protection of source selection sensitive information, and ensuring productive yet ethical working interactions between employees of the Federal Government and contractors. This class is designed for acquisition and purchasing personnel and CORs. Contact us today for a quote!